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G's Spot

You’ve probably heard of the G-Spot, but the key is how to achieve it with foodgasm. If food is an act of love, and eating is sensual, then you can unlock the keys to mind-shattering foodgasm… but is it real? Honestly, it’s complicated… This is a space where we bring people from all over the world without barriers, from all colors, religions, and identities. A communal session of food and stories where we promise to create memories and fulfill your food fantasies. A meal where we promise to stimulate your emotions and food erogenous zones with texture, temperature, taste, and the perpetual element of surprise. 

*Reservation for 2021 has not opened yet*


Arena G

A familiar and more traditional restaurant space with tables surrounding our open kitchen. Come be a spectator in our chef’s lives and take maximum advantage of being seated within 5 meters of where your dishes are being cooked and plated. High possibility of being entertained by and conversing with our rebels and probably finishing in our bar or hanging with our crew.




*Reservation for 2021 has not opened yet*

Family Table

For those, with a large group of guests to be entertained, the family table is a perfect option for your rambunctious friends and family.







*Reservation for 2021 has not opened yet*

Dear Guests and Friends

As you know, we are living in uncertain times, which is why now more than ever we appreciate your support and dedication to dining with us soon or in the future. We are reopening our doors with a new menu, including pricing and format to adapt and reflect the needs of our diners and guests. However, as we progress the nature of our menu (pricing, number of courses) will also evolve. This is simply to say that if you are making a reservation now for a future dining experience, the menu at the time, it’s pricing, and courses are subject to change and evolution as our restaurant proceeds to reopen and adapt. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support. We are here for you.


The Gaggan Anand Team

For reservation, please contact: Phone numbers: +66988831022, +66988831028 • Whatsapp: +66988831028 • LINE Official: @gaggananand • Email: