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G's Spot

You probably have heard of G-Spot, but the key is how to achieve it with foodgasm. If food is an act of love, and eating is sensual, then you can unlock this key to shattering foodgasm. But is it real? Honestly it is complicated. Space where we bring people all over the world, without barrier of color and religion. A communal food where we will promise you memory and stimulate emotions of food erogenous zones of your tongue with texture, temperature, taste and surprise.

Price 12,000++ THB Per person

Arena G

A common Restaurant Space with tables surrounded by the kitchen. Be a spectator in chef’s life and maximize the benefit of being in 5 meters space from the cooking to your table. High possibility of being entertained by our rebels and probably finishing either in a bar drunk or eating  supper with them.
Price 8,000++ THB Per person

My Private Table

For groups

For privacy

Available for up to 8 guests

Minimum spending 100,000++THB