you’re about to embark on an Indian cuisine the way we wanted it to be. Let us take the traditions and the flavours and show you the way forward.




My earliest cooking memories started even before i held a knife even before I remember what my age was, I don’t even remember how old i was or how mature my eating habits were .. but that ride on my father’s motorcycle to the Sunday wet market and bring back the menu as fresh produce and then to cook with him is the fondest childhood memory of my life. I was always caught stealing food from the pot while it was cooking and dipping a piece of bread into the curry created my food memories.

First thing I cooked was instant noodle when I was 6-7 years old and cried as after cooking it, it didn’t look like as per the packaging.

I grew cooking with my parents eating home cooked food and one of my favorite conversations were making menu for the celebrations and the festivities at home. Thank god cooking is not a work but an act of love and affection towards your near and dear ones.

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